Year 8

As students feel more comfortable in our physical space – it is only fair that we continue to challenge them.


One of our core beliefs as a community is that we believe learning is meaningful, stimulating and challenging – and centred on a Catholic faith.

Our Year 8 program builds on the fundamental skills taught in Year 7 and pushes students beyond their comfort zones.

They receive feedback throughout the year on areas for development and working effectively in teams. We also ask them to address real-life problems: in doing so they develop skills that are essential for success in life beyond school.

Year 7 and 8 students are immersed in a Literacy and Numeracy program, where we either read or do maths for 10 minutes at the start of every lesson, and for 30 minutes once a fortnight. We believe this time commitment functions to build resilient readers with a wide vocabulary: well equipped for senior school.

Vertical Curriculum

We have introduced changes to the curriculum structure for Years 9 and 10. This means more subject choices and opportunities for students to engage and develop. In August, Year 8 students take part in a subject selection process where they can, potentially, study what were traditionally Year 10 subjects in Year 9.

Transition into Year 9

Every student currently in Year 7 – 11 begins their next academic year with a Commencement Program (Monday 30 November – Friday 4 December 2020). This is a compulsory transition process. Newly enrolled students for the following year are strongly encouraged to participate. We may ask your child to complete tasks over the summer holidays.


Leader Alex Reynolds  |  02 6043 5500