Vocational Education and Training

We offer these qualifications in Year 12: VCE and VCAL. VET is a course within VCE and VCAL.

Students enrolled in either can study a nationally accredited VET course as part of their qualification. On-the-job training at workplaces is another important part of the delivery.

Your child has more than 10 courses to choose from if they follow a VET pathway with us. Our VET program runs in conjunction with Wodonga and Riverina TAFEs, Registered Training Providers and local employers.

Most courses count as a full VCE sequence, i.e. Units 1 to 4. VET courses with a Unit 3 and 4 sequence may contribute directly to the calculation of the ATAR. Such sequences are identified in our 2021 VCAL | VCE Guide.


  • joining the workforce you have a better chance of finding employment
  • entering TAFE you have advanced standing for higher level courses
  • going to University, the vocational education units provides a ‘hands on’ insight into the subject and may contribute to the ATAR


Students studying for the VCAL qualification must be enrolled in at least one VET subject. This is compulsory because the purpose of VCAL is to cultivate industry specific skills and build pathways to employment.

Transition into VET

For most students, VET starts in Year 11, though some students may be eligible for early advancement whilst still in Year 10.

Every child in Year 7 – 11 begins the next academic year with a Commencement Program (Friday 30 November – Friday 4 December 2020). This is a compulsory transition process. New students enrolled for the following year are expected to participate. Senior students complete tasks over the summer holidays.

The program ends in the following September for Year 12.

All VET courses run over two years: the first year covers Units 1 – 2, the second year covers Units 3 – 4.

We embark on a comprehensive course counselling program during Term 3 each year. We encourage students to meet with Sandie McKoy, our Careers Education & Development Officer, to see how a VET course might work in the senior school program. This advisory service is not offered to families not yet enrolled.


VET Leader  Paul Forde  |  02 6043 5685