Year 10 (Pathways)

This year signals a move into Senior School. Classes are timetabled alongside those in Year 11 and 12, giving access to VCE and VET subjects.

For a brief overview of our approach to Year 9 – 10, please read this Pathways Fact Sheet.

We provide a breadth of choice in our curriculum: 85 compulsory and elective subjects are offered for 2021. This variety is a one of the reasons why our College has such a strong reputation. It leads to the development of requisite skills and knowledge for a successful transition into Year 11 and 12.

Whatever your child’s chosen pathway, be it VCAL, VET or VCE, Year 10 prepares them for the challenges and expectations that coincide with those pathways.

If advancing into VCE or VET units during Year 10 is of interest, we encourage you to explore our VCAL | VCE Course Guide.

Transition into Year 10

Every student currently in Year 7 – 11 begins the next academic year with a Commencement Program (Friday 30 November – Friday 4 December 2020). This is a compulsory transition process. Newly enrolled students for the following year are strongly encouraged to participate. We may ask your child to complete tasks over the summer holidays.


Leader Lisa Mason  |  02 6043 5500