Year 9 happy campers

Our Year 9’s have been in the great outdoors on a four day camp to develop independence, teamwork, self-reliance and responsibility.  Girls and female teachers headed to the Great Dividing Trail near Chawton, whilst our males went to Eilden. Students were placed into groups of 10 -13. Each group goes hiking to various locations and participating in various activities and challenges along the way.

The three night camp is designed to build resilience in conjunction with ‘The Rite Journey’ program.  It gives students a range of exciting outdoor endeavours, including: bush walking, overnight solitude, white water rafting and small group initiatives.

To give every student the experience, we run the camps over two weeks. Everyone gets a lot out of it, and while closer bonds are formed, students come away with a sense of achievement in themselves, and what is possible – great attributes to take into Year 10 and early adulthood!

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