Year 9 Empowerment day

Report by our students

Earlier this month, every Year 9 girl participated in Catholic College’s first E-day. The day started with an inspirational video, followed by Vicki Reid. There were five female speakers, Caroline O’Hare, Lara Gibson, Karina Chaves, Vicki Reid, Kat Bennett and Treahna Hamm. These women spoke about many things, such as their childhood, career advice and overcoming challenges. We took part in activities, led by the speakers. Some of these activities included gluing in a piece of a puzzle, sticking a quote into our booklets, thanking others, positive words, and placing a band-aid in our booklets.  We had a shared lunch, where we all brought in different items. Overall this day was inspiring and taught us much more about ourselves. These women all showed different qualities and different views on life, and we were lucky to have them share their knowledge with us.

Jess Corrigan and Mel McCracken  |  Year 9

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