Year 7 Camp

Here is a report from a student’s perspective!

Half of the Year 7s that included Da Vinci, Gandhi and Mackillop went on the first camp from Monday to Wednesday and the other half Malone, Hollows and Chisholm went for the second half of the week. Being in Gandhi I went on the first camp leaving on 20 February and coming back on 22 February. There were a lot of emotions going around before we left, I was calm and excited about camp, but I know that lots of other people were a little nervous. The buses were on the road by 9am and we arrived at the Feathertop Chalet at about 10.30am.

As we arrived we were put into cabins of about four or five. Once we had delivered our bags to our rooms we then headed into our groups of about fifteen students and left for our first activity. The first day was pretty exciting for my group and I because I believe we got all of the good activities on that first day, that included canoeing, archery, mountain bike riding and then an hour or two of free time. After all of our energy was used up after a good day we headed off for dinner.

After such a good first day hopes were very high for the second. We started it off with some breakfast to get going then my group and I were off to our first activity- Indigenous art, followed by raft building, initiatives and gold panning. After our last activity we had some free time to do what we wanted. Hearing the belly rumbles meant it was dinner time so we went and had our dinner followed by a walk to get some delicious ice cream! We finished our ice creams and headed into the hall to finish the movie we had started the night before.

The last day had come with a nice wakeup call in the name of the fire alarm (a false alarm thankfully!). Once we got our bearings back together we headed to the hall and our Principal Darta (as he likes to be called) came to see us and gave us a speech, talking about belonging and CCW in general. After that we went back to our cabins to clean up our stuff and take our bags onto the buses. Once finished, a bit of free time was given and then we were on our way back to our homes.

Camp went so quickly as there were lots of good activities and new friends made for many people. All in all it was a great experience and we have all gained some great memories to hold onto.

Noah Smith, Year 7


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