Swimming Carnival Report

Hollows did it again!

With a Stella effort, they took out the 2018 CCW Swimming Carnival AND the Community Spirit award this year! Well Done Hollows!

In what was a perfect day for swimming, the Albury Pool was an array of colour and sounds as approximately 900 students crammed into the event. The atmosphere of the day was electric and resulted in a VERY competitive day of swimming. Students filled swimming events, cheered, took part in novelty events and wore an amazing assortment of costumes.

The final results were:

1st Hollows 2492
2nd Chisholm 2127
3rd Malone 2090
4th Mackillop 2062
5th Da Vinci 2052
6th Gandhi 1911

This year there were a number of excellent individual performances from students who consequently won their year level championships.  Many of these students went on to represent CCW at the Hume Division swimming championships

Our age group champions for 2018 were;

Age Group Winner
13 yrs Maddie Smith
14 yrs Annika Sorrensen
15 yrs Imogen Herring
16 yrs Rosie Britton
17 yrs Annie Marquison
20 yrs  Bridget Smits
Age Group Winner
13 yrs Bailey Smith
14 yrs Nathaniel Cecile
15 yrs Dylan Bertram
16 yrs Henry Smits
17 yrs Zander Coates
20 yrs Zach Sorrensen

I would like to acknowledge the commitment of CCW staff who worked tirelessly on the day and in the lead up to the carnival. A special mention to the Sports Trainee, Breanna Green. Her organization in the lead up to the carnival should be commended.

Without the combined efforts and the leadership of the student community leaders, the day would not have been an outstanding success that it was.

Olivia Aughton

Sport and Recreation Manager

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