Science week celebrations

In celebration of Science Week 2017, Science Coordinator Courtney Skate and her colleagues at Middle Indigo Primary School, ran a Science Day for their students. In addition to ‘in house’ Science activities, MIPS invited Julie McLean, a Year 12 Physics teacher at Catholic College Wodonga, and Greg Wooldridge (a worm farm enthusiast and all things sustainable), to share their passion with students, staff and interested parents.

“It was a privilege to be invited to share a little of the magic of Physics with students form Foundation to Year 6 (MIPS) during Science Week. The enthusiasm, inquisitive nature, and expressions of wonder were a joy to witness”, says Ms McLean

Students were set the challenge of generating two different types of waves in a slinky. It was great to see them rise to the challenge with many keen to give it a go.

After only a few minutes, students had generated a transverse wave and a longitudinal wave. Students then got together to generate a transverse wave by performing a Mexican Wave, before breaking into small groups to further explore the nature of waves through activities such a: singing wine glasses, string & cup telephones, and the ‘ringing church bells’ of a vibrating metal coat hanger…. “The clang that onlookers hear is misleading”, admits Ms McLean, “it is nothing like the sound heard through cotton threads held to your ears. It is truly magical – many thanks to Leanne Waite, Lab technician at Catholic College for this one.”

The theme of Science Week was explored through Middle Indigo Primary’s gardening program, including the potting of sunflower seeds. And, with direction from Greg Woodbridge, students learned about, and constructed, a Warm Farm to further encouraged the recycling of food scraps at the school.

Students were so enthusiastic in their exploration of activities, that they ran out of time. Time will need to be found in their weekly Science program for the planned investigations that were not carried out on the day.

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