Vision & Mission


We believe in living life in Jesus. In keeping with the Mercy tradition, we believe in the dignity of the individual and selfless, honest, life-giving relationships based in a child safe environment.

We strive to be a spirit filled, educational community that realises the fullest potential of Jesus’ message for creation.


Catholic Identity
  • Commits to living lives of service embracing the values of Jesus with relevance to today’s society, both locally and globally
  • Promotes a community in which compassion, justice, fairness and equality exists for all
  • Continuously provides opportunities for immersion in Catholic tradition
Pastoral Care & Wellbeing
  • Promotes pastoral wellbeing programs and behaviours that enable its community members to be connected in a child safe environment
  • Aspires to provide a balance of spiritual, academic, cultural, physical, emotional and social learning within a child safe environment
  • Aims to develop a community consciousness of shared responsibility for the care and wellbeing of others
  • Endeavours to enable community members to understand the process of accessing support and to feel comfortable to do so
  • Encourages leadership across the school that is visionary, reflective, courageous, collaborative, inclusive and respectful
  • Promotes leadership amongst students, staff and community members that nurtures and values individual strengths for the benefit of the whole community
Learning and Teaching
  • Aims to provide a contemporary and challenging educational environment that fosters relationships to enhance learning for all individuals.
  • Develops innovative, creative, engaging, meaningful and flexible curriculum.
  • Recognises the importance of appropriate organisational structures in providing the best possible learning.
  • Commits to the use of collaboration, feedback and reflective practice to enhance performance.
  • Promotes effective and practical ways of continually improving teaching practice.
Stewardship of Resources
  • Acknowledges the past and present Indigenous people of this land and endeavours to draw wisdom from their connection
  • Aspires to develop a deep appreciation of the necessity of a healthy relationship between humanity and the environment
  • Promotes the ideals of a sustainable environment for the future, commits to change how we source and use energy and other resources
  • Has an ongoing plan to maintain and renew resources
  • Aims to explicitly promote a shared contribution and responsibility for the use and maintenance of community resources