Learning Walks

Our principal and deputy principals lead school tours

We call these tours Learning Walks.

We talk about our broader strategic direction and parental engagement: what families can do to further engage in the learning of their child at home.  We may run learning walks outside traditional class time where families can spend more time looking at our learning spaces and how we utilise them.

These walks ‘run’ for roughly 1.5 hours and cover most of the campus. Learning Walks give a real sense of what a day in the life of a student is like. An important part of the conversation is also around our future: new initiatives and ideas are discussed during these walks. If you would like to accompany Darta Hovey, Eamonn Buckley or Shaun Mason, please book. Spaces are limited to 10 people.

The next dates for these popular sessions will be scheduled in line with the state government’s COVID-19 social distancing recommendations.

Term 4 Date Time
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Executive Assistant  Cat Forrest  |  02 6043 5515