Principal’s welcome

Thank you for considering us. 

We are a welcoming College centred on faith, supporting local families for 41 years; a community inspired by the life of Christ, confident we offer the best mix of opportunities for your child locally. Our College supports more than 1250 students and we are mindful that our size can be intimidating, particularly for families coming from a small district primary school. Part of our solution – part of how we help your child feel connected, supported and valued in a big school – is to place our students into one of six Learning Communities. Within a Community, your child will get to know 200 other children, as well as their year level cohort.

Their Learning Mentor – a staff member trained to enhance their social, emotional, spiritual and academic growth – will guide them. This is a commitment we make to all of our students, and by extension, your family. Every person must have the opportunity to flourish using their gifts and talent. It is our quest as educators to make sure this comes true for every child in our care and we offer long-established programs to create these opportunities. Pathways made possible by a wonderful staff. I thank you once again for your interest and look forward to meeting you.

For my thoughts on finding the next educational horizon within our school, you are welcome to visit my blog.





Darren (Darta) Hovey