Our College

A community focussed school known for spirit and innovation

We share our campuses in Bowman Court with more than 1250 students across Years 7 – 12. We were established in 1979 and are affiliated with Mercy Education.

We build strong relationships! If you ask staff, one of our strengths is our focus on establishing strong, long term rapport with our whole school community. If you ask families, they often mention our attention to pastoral care and wellbeing, and how that leads to a fantastic sense of belonging, involvement and endeavour in their children.


While there are a lot of contributing factors to our reputation, Learning Mentors are key. They each guide fourteen students through their school journey, and encourage them to be part of their wider ‘family of Community’ that supports 200+ students. Overall, we have six Communities that effectively create small ‘schools’ within our big school.

Our learning spaces invite collaboration, and we explore our faith and engage in action within this rich learning environment.

Year 7 and 8 students experience an integrated curriculum where enquiry based learning sees the development of key skills. Our Literacy and Numeracy program, where we either read or do maths for 10 minutes at the start of every lesson, functions to build resilient readers well equipped for senior school.

Our commitment to engagement broadens in Year 9. This is our Pathways stage. Students entering Year 9 – 10 choose subjects from a vertical curriculum, meaning students from both year levels can be enrolled in the same class. Core classes for Year 9 are across Bowman Court at our smaller campus, Nganala.

Students enrolled in Year 10-12 units study discipline-based subjects with an emphasis on personalised programs. Students across Year 8-11 can be part of an independent learning program where they delve deeply into a personal special interest for a semester, whilst also focussing on producing a final team project. This popular program is called Horizon.

There is a pathway for each student (be it VCE or VCAL), and students striving for either qualification may access any of 10 VET programs. Importantly, there is capacity to reconstruct a pathway and take new routes.

We benefit from an empowered Sustainability Team (steered by staff and students), and also from our English as an Additional Language resources.

Schools and educators on both sides of the Border look to us for evidence based practice. We are known for being solution focussed; constantly ‘looking over the horizon’ to meet the needs of our students and community.

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