Open Doors on Open Day!

We had a fantastic Open Day, hosting 160+ families, equating to more than 420 visitors. The majority involved children currently in Year 6, but we also welcomed students researching Year 7 to 11 for 2017 and 2018.  Most visitors came from Wodonga though families travelled from Albury, Chiltern, Rutherglen, Lavington, Tallangatta, Corryong, Beechworth and the Indigo and Kiewa Valleys.

More than 110 students volunteered, alongside 90+ staff. All played their part showcasing or explaining our wonderful school. Students worked as ushers, tour guides, hospitality assistants, musicians, science and arts practitioners.

Thanks also to the following for their terrific speeches at the information session between 6 – 7pm: Kate Johnston, Blake Noske and Anna Cardwell (Year 12) for acknowledgement and prayers, Alex Hams, Lily O’Connor (Year 7) and Jordyn Causer (Year 12) for their take on life as students. And parent team leader Greg Weber, giving visitors a rousing explanation of life as a parent of a secondary school student.

Just a reminder that enrolment agreements across all year levels for 2018 will be accepted until Monday 29 May.

This includes families at St Augustine’s, St Francis and St Monica’s. Please contact our office or a CEW primary school if your child hasn’t come home with an enrolment pack. Alternatively you can download the pack here.

Questions about the enrolment process? Contact 6043 5534 or

Jodie Kensington  |  Communications & Development

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