June 23, 2021

News | Student’s passion breathes life into jurassic education

With educating kids about prehistoric animals as a key motivator, CCW student Clancy Sullivan has channelled his passion for the jurassic period by releasing his first batch of dinosaur swap cards.


The 14-year-old’s passion grew into an education and business project over 12 months ago, when he saw mutual benefit in sharing his love for the ancient wonders who roamed the earth over a millennia ago, and helping children learn about the prehistoric period.


Clancy sought the help of two Lecturers at UNE Earth Sciences – Armidale who helped him collate information and edit his work for accuracy.


After saving his own money, the Year 9 student engaged local artist Katherine of Kat & Fox to design the set of cards and walk him through the process of having them published.


The first set of Austrosaurus cards – the name dubbed by the creator himself – are now available. Clancy and his parents are already busy taking orders via his business’ Facebook page, and posting them out to kids who cant wait to learn, collect and trade.