January 18, 2022

News | Laptop Collection Postponed

Regrettably the College has decided to postpone the New Student Laptop rollout due to the current unknown covid environment.


At this stage, we will deploy the laptops to the students on their first day of school, Tuesday 1 February 2022. (Wednesday 2 February for Years 8-10)


Laptop Agreement

Please CLICK HERE to access the Laptop Agreement that will need to be read, filled out and signed.


We must receive the attached form with a signature from both a parent or guardian, and the student before the laptop is handed to the student.


The major points in the agreement are to be aware that the ICT Department needs to be notified of any faults and damages of the laptop, there is an accidental damage charge for any damage, and that laptops need to be returned in good working order at the end of year 9 or if exiting the school.



Any absent students can collect their laptops from the 2nd of February. Only students or parents of the student will be authorised to pick up the laptop.



We are making this decision now as we cannot predict the Government Policies or how many staff we will have onsite due to isolation requirements. We have the computers, and they are already preloaded and assigned.


We do have other strategies in place if we cannot perform this rollout.



  1. Print and Sign the attached form
    • If you cannot print, we will have some to fill in at reception
  2. Bring the completed form on Day 1
  3. Exchange the form for a Laptop in class
  4. If the student is absent, then the student or parent will be able to collect the laptop from reception on subsequent days


If you have any questions, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact ICT Services Leader Stephen Joyce.