Diverse Learning Needs

Students come to us with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences.

We pride ourselves on our proactive approach to the learning needs of each and every child. We are committed to respecting learning differences, and are one of the best resourced schools locally, with a quality team of support staff.

Individual strengths

Our staff are committed to knowing our students’ individual strengths and areas of growth. This is one of the priorities of our Learning Mentor Program.

Teachers work closely with our Diverse Learning team, which has a wealth of knowledge and experience. We tap into that rich information source to help students achieve personal goals and believe in their potential.

Another invaluable resource is the specialists we employ. Speech therapists, occupational therapists and psychologists for example, work closely with us.

Families, educators, specialists, children: together we make a difference!

We know we cannot educate our students alone … there must be input from those who know our students best: you! We value that connection. We are able, willing and energised by working closely with our families. So, along with you, we engage in real conversations with each student: to tap into areas of interest, spark a passion or two and encourage their voice in their own learning.

How we work with your family

Upon enrolment, your child’s specific learning needs will be discussed. When they are at school, our teaching and support staff work closely to identify areas of needs and, if necessary, to design a personalised learning program (PLP).

Regular meetings with families ensure that the communication lines are always open and we all work towards your child achieving their potential.

Self Regulation Spaces

We have two sensory rooms where any child can go if feeling overwhelmed or anticipate they would benefit from some time out and away from the classroom. They use the room to regenerate, to reset.

There is a clear – respectful – line of site into the rooms, and our Diverse Learning Team work with students throughout.

These rooms are in Duffy (Year 8) and Nganala (Year 9). However, we have plenty of break-out rooms in the Aquinas (Science) and Mercy (Year 12) Centres, and the Wellbeing office is always welcoming, though an appointment is preferable.


Learning Diversity Leader  Ronnie Davies |  02 6043 5500