Learning Communities

More than a ‘house’

Our Learning Communities are far more than ‘houses’ for sports carnivals! They are integral to how we help your child feel connected, supported and valued in a big school. This program improves our ability to influence the learning capacity of every individual child.

Every student is placed in one of six communities. We encourage everyone to participate and engage in events such as:

trivia   •   breakfasts  •   leadership programs
sporting carnivals  •   reading challenges  •   subject competitions
fundraisers  •   CCW day

Our Learning Community Leaders

Each community is coordinated by a Learning Community Leader (LCL) whose role is to both encourage your child’s involvement and support our Learning Mentors.

If your child is facing a challenge, at home, at school or in the wider community, they will be supported by their LCL and their LM.

Our Learning Mentors

We have more than 80 staff trained in this pastoral role. Each Learning Mentor (LM) supports approximately 14 students in their LM group, and partner with another LM. Together they guide 28 students across Year 7 to 12. Learning Mentors monitor academic and pastoral progress through learning conversations, the idea being ‘know the student, know the learner’. Students know they are supported, which enables them to be more engaged. We believe this improves learning and teaching outcomes for your child and our mentors.

Our LMs don’t know all the answers. What they can do is build relationships to support our students achieve success in whatever subjects they may be struggling with. Having a ‘vertical’ system means student to student conversations across the year levels can occur, hopefully giving the youngest members aspirational role models.

Our LM Groups meet every morning for eight minutes at 8.55am, though on Wednesdays enjoy an extended 80 minute session.

Staff, students and parents overwhelmingly believe in our Learning Communities and Learning Mentor program. Parents appreciate the Learning Community concept and say the program has created a sense of belonging for their child.


Learning Community Leaders  | 02 6043 5500

Your child’s LM is always your first point of contact for outlining concerns or celebrating achievements.