What is the next educational horizon?

We regularly receive requests from other schools and educators to uncover how we search for – and find – the next educational horizon. We are happy to share what we discover, how we implement change and what we consider are some measures of success.

We offer close to 20 immersion options; so join us, and learn how your team can adapt these initiatives for your school community.

What We Offer

Learning Design

Choose from seven immersions in this area. For example:

  1. Across each year level our learning and teaching teams design programs specifically to the needs of the cohort in their care. We utilise specific data sets to create innovative learning opportunities.
  2. In our Horizon program, we identified a need for an independent program. We can outline to your school how we set Horizon up, how we monitor and modify – and the benefits to students.
  • FIFA project based learning, Year 8
  • Horizon, Year 8 – 11
  • Literacy | Numeracy, Year 7 – 10
  • Machine Mania, Year 7
  • Middle Years (Year 7-8)
  • Pathways (Year 9-10)
  • Team based planning, all years
  • Arts | Tech Expo, Year 7

Let’s build a space

Since 2013 we have redesigned nine spaces across our two campuses.  Each redevelopment reflects our belief in the direction learning design is taking us. These immersions provide educators and administrators with the tools to explore how they can redesign a single space to incorporate a richly collaborative and inspiring environment.

  • Aquinas Centre, Science
  • Arts Centre
  • Augustine, Year 7
  • Duffy & Egan Centres, Year 8
  • Hair & Beauty, VET
  • Mercy Centre, Year 12
  • Music Centre
  • Nganala, Pathways (Year 9-10)

Team Development

We value our people; and we have focussed on developing close-knit, close working teams across each year level since 2012. We foster staff collaboration, knowing it is a critical factor in every student’s capacity to meet their potential. We offer four presentations in this area where we explain how we created these teams, and how you develop skills sets amongst the team that lead to improved outcomes for students. This immersion also incorporates leadership development.

  • Individual year levels
  • Diverse Learning
  • Coaching and feedback program
  • Combined leader groups
  • Leadership Development Series

Learning Walks

Our principal and deputies share conducting Learning Walks every term. Through these popular walks, parents and educators gain insight into our broader strategic direction… what we do, and why. We talk about parental engagement: what families can do to further engage in the learning of their child at home. We highlight the strategies used by staff to engage students, reveal our extensive range of learning areas and focus on parental engagement: what families can do to further engage in the learning of their child at home.

The next dates for these popular sessions will be scheduled after Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.


Executive Assistant  Cat Forrest  |  02 6043 5515