Learning Centre

Professional learning

This is one of the key ways in which we help staff grow as educators. And not just our staff: we have become known as the hub for professional learning in regional Victoria and NSW. For us, professional learning is not just about – or open to – teachers. It is available to all who work in our community.


Throughout the year we receive many request from educators and schools to visit. We also receive requests for our staff to facilitate outside of our region.

What We Offer

You are welcome to participate and explore how we, as Catholic College Wodonga, approach education in a contemporary environment. Our Learning Centre provides:

  • Immersions    Learning Design  |  Team Development |  Learning Walks   |  Let’s Build A Space
  • Professional Development    Community Conversations |  Leadership Development Series
  • and goes out On the Road 


Executive Assistant  Cat Forrest  |  02 6043 5515