Year 10s, Hamish & Andy

It seems all Australia knew that radio/TV duo Hamish and Andy chose our Year 10 Formal as their first stop on a ‘national’ tour as ‘Cool Boys & The Frontman’. They played their one song, a cover of ACDC’s It’s a long way to the top before an ecstatic group of 200 students. Possibly more exciting that the boys were the hosts of the 2016 ARIA music awards, The Veronicas appearing on lead vocals. As if that wasn’t enough, having actor/DJ/model Ruby Rose join the audience definitely made it a extraordinary evening.

Oh what a night! For photos of the formal, check this link.  View our photos of the Cool Boys performance, or here for footage and a debrief from Hamish and Andy’s perspective. Access to these sites will be a available until 22 December 2016.

And lastly, thank you to Alexia Brown for nominating our school for the radio competition. What memories you have given us!

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