Year 9 (Pathways)

Year 9 students are based on the other side of Bowman Court, where we promote the sense of a separate campus and learning environment.

Pathways & Vertical Curriculum

Our Year 9 and 10 curricula is combined into a two year program. A ‘pathway’ leading to more choice across the curriculum, and also inside it. This means more subjects and opportunities for your child to engage and develop. Year 9 students can, potentially, study what were traditionally Year 11 subjects in Year 10.

Pathways extends our integrated approach to learning, where teams comprising students and staff work together to learn more about themselves and ‘who they are’ as learners. It is our firm belief that your child must know who they are in order to grow as a learner.

The RITE Journey

This internationally recognised program is one of the Semester long units offered in Year 9 and 10. Classes are split according to gender, allows for more substantial self-development. It generates bonds between peers and staff that are necessary for academic and personal success in the future. The program culminates in a camp – an experience where personal growth and an awareness of our place in the world is highlighted – and students are challenged to be the best they can be.

We encourage you to discover out more about The RITE Journey approach.


Located on the opposite side of Bowman Court to the main campus is a stand alone, designated Year 9 only area. We call this space Nganala, a Dhuduroa word for ‘All Together’.

The benefits of being so close to main campus, yet independent of it, are clear and numerous. Nganala provides a safe place for your child to develop powerful relationships with their peers and staff, yet being close enough to the main campus doesn’t limit options and possibilities of deep learning. Our Year 9s take pride and ownership of Nganala and we’re proud of the opportunities it offers.

Transition into Year 10

Every student currently in Year 7 – 11 begins the next academic year with a Commencement Program (Friday 30 November – Friday 4 December 2020). This is a compulsory transition process. Newly enrolled students for the following year are strongly encouraged to participate. We may ask your child to complete tasks over the summer holidays.


Leader Tarree Edwards  |  02 6043 5500