Laptops & ICT


Technology plays a fundamental role in our lives.

We teach how it can best enhance students lives personally and professionally while as students, and when they leave our care. Our school wide policy around Responsible Digital Citizenship brings this educative belief to life. Your family receives a new laptop in Year 7, and again in Year 10.

While staff and students enjoy the benefits of working with Apple laptops (one-to-one), our ICT support team ensures devices and software are ready for the classroom.

Self-serve model

Students download software and programs that they need, when they need. Rather than being handed a ready-made computer with everything they require (and things they won’t!) already loaded, we encourage students to choose the most appropriate program or software for the purpose, and use it accordingly. This model aims to encourage young people to be critical and active in their use of technology rather than passively letting it make decisions for them.


We are committed to constantly updating our skills in technology and engage in professional development. Useful, authentic and practical programs, software and websites are explored for what they might offer your child in the classroom.


To support learning and teaching, we manage a sophisticated network with wireless access in every learning space. 

All students are supplied with an Apple laptop. At the start of the school year all new students collect their device at an ICT forum for families. The forum also explains the College’s policies and terms and conditions of use of the laptops.

Our current practice is to supply new devices at the start of Year 7 and Year 10. Families retain ownership after this timeframe. For additional details visit Finance.

ICT assistance

The ICT Team has moved to online forms rather than paper forms, if you require any ICT assistance you can click on the following link and follow through the options for ICT assistance.

This form replaces our previous repair form we had to send home with students when laptops required a repair, so students are able to get a courtesy device as soon as they get to school the next day if it is filled out.

ICT online assistance form




Deputy Principal  |  Learning, Teaching & Innovation  Shaun Mason  |  02 6043 5500

ICT Manager  Hayden Middlin  |  02 6043 5500