Learning Mentor Program

Learning Communities are the foundation of our Learning Mentor (LM) program. Through it, students know they are supported, encouraged, connected and motivated. Your child shall recognise they are an integral part of their Learning Community.

Every child is allocated a Learning Mentor

Together we share an educational journey where academic and pastoral progress is monitored and where LMs meet with families to discuss each child in their care.

We recognise that we are a large school compared to most rural schools, and the diversity of staff and students may bring its own set of challenges. Students and staff must be constantly affirmed and given the support to grow as individuals.

We understand that pastoral wellbeing is what we do to develop a ‘healthy school community and believe our role is to support every child and their human dignity as a learner and individual.

Therefore we promote care and respect through a whole school approach and understanding of the rights and responsibilities of all College community members as individuals. We maintain a safe environment where all members of the College can be confident, positive and successful.

Families tell us the program works

After a thorough review of the program, parents reiterated that the LM program has helped their child, that it is more noticeable that their child is enjoying school.

80% agree, or strongly agree, that their child feels supported by their LM

78% comment that communication with Learning Mentors occurs in a timely manner

This engagement, in turn, improves learning and teaching outcomes.


Learning Community Leaders  | 02 6043 5500

Your child’s LM is always your first point of contact for outlining concerns or celebrating achievements.